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Comfort Call

Elderly, disability & reablement care services across England

Why Comfort Call?


Wherever possible, we endeavour to give clients as much choice as we can in the planning & administration of their care.


At Comfort Call, we put the needs & requirements of our clients, their families & friends at the centre of their care.


We work to ensure clients remain as independent as possible within the comfort of their own homes.

Our Services

Care for the elderly

Growing older doesn’t mean a person needs to lose their independence. Caring for thousands of elderly clients over the years, we aim to enable our elderly clients to live in the homes they know and love while still feeling a sense of self-reliance. Our care assistants help promote and facilitate outdoor & social activities, too, to maintain a client’s good quality of life.


The need for reablement typically arises from illness, accident or prolonged hospital stay. At Comfort Call, we offer specially-trained reablement teams to work with clients to help re-develop skills, re-build confidence and regain independence. Find out more on how we can assist with reablement requirements.

Physical & learning disabilities

Our staff provide flexible, person-centred support at home or in the community for people of all ages with varies types, and degrees, of physical and learning disabilities. We aim to help each client take full advantage of life, no matter their condition, and live happy, active lives. Find out more about the help we’ve provided to 100s of clients with a range of differing disabilities.

Your stories

What our clients have had to say…

“I’m happy with the [staff] coming in, they know what they are doing, they are good people.”

CQC Report, Comfort Call Tameside, 17 Oct 2018

“They’re very, very good”

“Absolutely superb”

CQC Report, Comfort Call Oldham, 1 Feb 2019

“The main carers I have are brilliant”

“They have made such a difference to me”

CQC Report, Comfort Call North Tyneside, 25 May 2019

Join the Comfort Call team

Care assistant vacancies

Care work is an immensely rewarding occupation. While often challenging and requiring steadfast resolve in dealing with people who may not be in the best place in their lives, being a care assistant means supporting someone when they’re in need of help the most. At Comfort Call, you’ll have a chance to make a legitimate difference in a client’s life who may be alone, distressed, in pain or simply in need of someone to talk to. And, you will be helping out friends and family, too, who’ll know the person they love and care for is in good hands.

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